JetBrains IDE Services: Making it easier for businesses to manage IDEs and AI tools to help developers get more done

At JetBrains, we’ve always been driven by new ideas. It’s what turned us from a small startup started by a group of passionate enthusiasts into a big developer-driven company with a wide range of products, all while we were still starting from scratch.

We know how hard it is to keep up with the market when you have to deal with a lot of code, tools, and teams. We are a big business ourselves. It can be hard to manage and set up IDEs and other developer tools for hundreds of developers when your tech team is spread out and working on different projects.

So, we’re releasing JetBrains IDE Services, a new set of products that will help big companies that already use JetBrains products deal with these problems. It makes it easier to handle JetBrains IDEs, remote development environments, and JetBrains AI. It also makes engineering departments more productive as a whole.

The suite is designed for a variety of people who are in charge of handling an organization’s JetBrains tech stack. These people include CTOs, IT department heads, IT administrators, and executives in charge of developer experience and productivity.

What is inside JetBrains IDE S ervices?

A stylish control panel makes it easier to handle developer tools, giving developers a smooth experience. The suite is made up of five important goods and services that can be used together or separately to solve different problems.

Provisioner for IDE

Save time and effort by managing IDEs across the company automatically. Admins can make sure that everyone has access to the right versions, settings, and plugins by centralizing and streamlining IDE control with IDE Provisioner.

AI Enterprise

AI Enterprise gives developers AI-powered tools like code ideas and intelligent refactoring, and it gives companies full control over security, spending, and efficiency measures.

The License Vault

No need to worry about licensing or following the rules. License Vault makes sure that everyone in the company has the JetBrains IDE licenses they need to do their jobs by automating the process.

Code With Me Business

This real-time joint programming solution makes sure that everyone on your team can work together smoothly, even if they are in different offices or all over the world. Security is always the first priority.

The CodeCanvas

Setting up and managing development environments is easier with this self-hosted remote development environment orchestrator.

“Enterprise development infrastructure is hard to set up because security, development speed, and user experience all need to be carefully balanced.” Priorities are always changing, which makes technical management very hard for big businesses.

There are a bunch of tools under the JetBrains IDE Services umbrella that are meant to help businesses fix their biggest development infrastructure problems. As well as on-premises AI, provisioning development tools, remote development, managing licenses on a big scale, and more, these products and services cover a lot of ground.

We put this suite through a lot of tests with some of our biggest users before making it available to everyone. Their input was very helpful in making the end product, and I’m really happy that JetBrains IDE Services is now live

Bundle with security first

JetBrains IDE Services takes a number of steps to make sure that it is safe to run in air-gapped and secure networks. For example, it makes sure that developers only use approved tools and reduces security risks by not letting developers store source code locally.

This will make things easier and more flexible for our users.

Getting going

JetBrains IDE Services is a sophisticated set of products that can be used in many situations. If you need help getting the most out of the suite or any of its services, please use our website to get in touch with our sales and product experts at JetBrains. They are ready to give you dedicated help and make sure the product meets all of your organization’s specific needs.


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