SpaceX is happy with the third test of the Starship rocket, even though there were some problems.

The important rocket for NASA’s future plans was lost when it came back to Earth, but it did reach important goals while it was in the air.

SpaceX, the company that makes space travel, has finished its most successful test of Starship, the world’s most powerful rocket. However, the unmanned rocket was destroyed when it came back down to Earth’s atmosphere.

Thursday’s test flight was the third time Starship rockets had been used. This was done in preparation for missions with NASA to send humans to the moon.

List of three things: List 1: Environmentalists fight the US government over the effects of SpaceX launches; List 2: SpaceX sends Saudi astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS); List 3:
Launch by SpaceX and NASA takes four astronauts from four different countries to the ISS.

Elon Musk started and owns the company SpaceX, which livestreamed the latest Starship experiment. They said that the ship flew farther and faster than in the two earlier tests.

But when the rocket came back to Earth, it lost touch with the experts at SpaceX. The livestream stopped all of a sudden, and the last picture showed the rocket’s heat shield flaring up from contact. SpaceX later said that the ship did not make it through the last part of its flight. People thought it would land in the Indian Ocean.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said soon after the accident that it would look into the failed re-entry. This is what they always do when something goes wrong with a space trip.

Starship is still just a prototype, but Musk’s plans to fly to space and NASA’s plans to send people to the moon depend on its progress.

The event was called “a successful test flight” on X, a social media site owned by Musk. He made a nod to NASA’s planned Artemis moon missions, which will likely use technology from SpaceX.

He wrote, “Together, we are making great strides through Artemis to bring people back to the Moon and then look ahead to Mars.”Musk also wrote in honor of the .
Making the strongest rocket in the world even stronger

People think of Starship as a step forward in rocket technology because it is the biggest and strongest ship of its kind.

Its Super Heavy launch rocket has almost 16.7 million pounds (74.3 meganewtons) of force, which is almost twice as much thrust as NASA’s Space Launch System, which is the world’s second-most powerful rocket.

Starship is also 121 meters (397ft) tall when it is fully put together.

But during the first two tests of the rocket, explosions were seen live on TV soon after takeoff. This raised concerns about the mega-rocket’s technical issues and the planned timeline for the NASA collaboration.

SpaceX blew up its first test rocket just minutes after launch in April 2023 because the booster rocket and the second-stage engine did not separate.

During the second test flight in November, the booster did split from the spaceship, but they both went off and exploded over the ocean.

SpaceX has said, though, that these early tests were not meant to be successful because the Starship prototype is still being improved.

SpaceX shouts out achievements

The test on Thursday, which took place near Boca Chica Village on the Gulf Coast in southern Texas, was a big step forward for the company.

Unlike the first two tests, which finished just minutes after launch, Thursday’s Starship flew for more than an hour and a half.

SpaceX also said that Starship met a number of important goals on its most recent trip. For example, it opened and closed its payload door to test its ability to send satellites and other cargo into space.

At its fastest, Starship went more than 26,000 kilometers per hour (16,000 miles per hour), reaching an altitude of more than 200 kilometers (125 miles). It then started to come down.

A camera on board the ship took high-definition video of the ship’s engines running in space. In the background, you could see the curve of the Earth.

When Starship was 65 km (40 miles) above sea level, signs stopped getting to ground control, they said. The company’s announcers, who were hosting the video, finally said that the ship was “lost” before it could reach its final destination and splash down.

Using trial and error

In order to follow its plan, SpaceX has been doing tests outside of labs. Wildlife groups are very angry about this, though, because they think the fiery launches and flying debris could hurt sensitive habitats near Starship sites.

People from the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe and the Center for Biological Diversity sued the Federal Aviation Administration in May because it had approved SpaceX’s tests without properly assessing the environmental effect.

Despite this, SpaceX has kept doing test launches, which has put it at the top of the new market for space travel.

NASA currently uses SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets to send goods into space. In some cases, the company’s Dragon Freedom capsule is used to send people to the International Space Station (ISS).

Starlink is a network of SpaceX satellites that connects dozens of countries to the internet and other services.

NASA wants to send humans to the moon in 2026, so SpaceX is under a lot of pressure to get Starship ready for those missions. There are currently plans to use a modified Starship as the lander craft.China wants to send its first people to the moon in 2030, which could be seen as a sign of a new space race.

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